Past Employment

Pilot Web Solutions
Feb 04, 2021 - Current

PHP Developer

Pilot Web Solutions in St. Paul, MN

In constant contact with the Owner / Developer, making small modifications to the custom CMSs when contact.

Seattle Fashion Week
Jan 22, 2015 - Jun 13, 2015

Lead Web Developer - Bootstrap

Seattle Fashion Week in Seattle, WA

Someone built Seattle Fashion Week's website with ASP .NET WebForms prior to hiring me. The CEO hired me to add Bootstrap, the stable version at the time was 3.3.2. I worked closely with the Graphic Designer, and was in constant contact with the CEO.

Pilot Web Solutions
May 26, 2014 - Jul 17, 2014

jQuery & PHP Developer

Pilot Web Solutions in St. Paul, MN

This business builds custom CMSs, they needed someone to add jQuery Ajax to all the forms. I was in constant contact with the Owner / Developer.

Gallery Hop
May 14, 2012 - Jul 21, 2012

Lead Web Developer

Gallery Hop in Columbus, OH

If I recall, this was about the time Adobe first announced "The End of Flash". The owners had a website built entirely in Flash, and wanted it "future proofed". I was getting good with CSS3 animations (although in the infancy stage), so I recreated their website pixel-perfect with no Flash in-sight.

Wind Rider Intl
Jul 08, 2011 - Jul 08, 2011

HTML Form Modifier

Wind Rider Intl in Minneapolis, MN

This was a quick 10 minute job, the company needed their contact form to validate input fields. I only had access to the HTML, so I applied VanillaJS Regex to each field (name, email, subject, etc...).